Suspect you are on the cusp of burnout?

  • Feeling rudderless and lacking purpose in projects that once excited you?  
  • Do you often feel stressedoverwhelmed and irritated
  • Have you had multiple burnouts in your life?  
    Is it possible that you never fully recovered from your first? 

The Burnout Screening Test ™ is an instrument developed by Dr. Matt Shorrock, and The Mind Institute. It is a self-reporting tool, grounded upon over 25 years of practice-based research. As a 20-item questionnaire, it is intended to be used as a practical screening tool to efficiently assess how at risk a person is to burnout; and to determine if further, more in-depth testing is required by a trained professional, and what interventions are required.

About the developer

Dr. Matt Shorrock, a Leadership & Mindset Coach, is a leading expert in burnout and addictions. As a chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist, Dr. Matt has developed burnout recovery programmes and resources, that are research-based and grounded on almost 30 years of working within the field. 

Having coached world-class leaders and speakers, and published internationally in journals and mainstream media, as director of The Mind Institute he is currently focussed on developing online burnout recovery programmes to the general public, to support his latest book:

The Balanced Entrepreneur - A Psychological Handbook for overcoming Stress, Overwhelm & Burnout’. 

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