With this bundle you are fully equipped with your very own personalised BURNOUT RECOVERY PACK

for overcoming


It contains:


Breathwork & Breathers 

This is the essential foundational stage in Dr. Matt's evidence-based burnout recovery process (The BALANCE ™). 

The course, which you can complete at your own pace, includes a rich bounty of tools and resources, carefully designed and selected to help you deepen insight, heighten awareness and restore balance in your life:

  •  Psycho-educational lessons,
  •  Motivational videos,
  • Structured psychological questionnaires & psychometric tests
  • Guidance & strategies for unapologetic hard-workers & high-achievers



with Dr Matt Shorrock

Leading expert in the fields of burnout and addiction, Dr Matt (chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist) coaches ambitious individuals to reclaim balance and purpose in their lives. Join him for a private 1:1 coaching session (online or in person) to assess your individual needs and formulate a plan to recover your vision, vigour and vitality!


Psychological Handbook for overcoming

With the help of scientifically backed strategies, ancient wisdom, practical advice, psychological tests and exercises, and personal and professional anecdotes, you’ll discover: 

  • The very best methods to reclaim your vision, vigour and vitality. 
  • A practical roadmap for working through problems, and establishing goals that make deeper sense. 
  • Shortcuts to building resilience, stamina and discipline, as well as self-compassion and a heightened personal awareness. 
  • How to scale your passion projects, aligned with your personal values and home life commitments. 
  • Tactics to nurture a work and rest ethic, attracting greater freedom, autonomy and abundance.  
  • Guidance on cultivating your authentic leadership and integrity.



The Burnout Screening Test ™ is an instrument developed by Dr. Matt Shorrock with The MIND Institute. It is a self- reporting tool, grounded upon over 25 year practice-based research. As a 20-item questionnaire, it is used as a practical screening tool to efficiently assess how at risk a person is to burnout; and to determine if further, more in-depth testing is required by a trained professional, and what interventions are required.

Hi. I’m Dr. Matt... and I see you!

After experiencing a breaking point in my own long and successful career as a psychologist, psychotherapist and entrepreneur I became a leadership and mindset coach to support other ambitious individuals to reclaim balance and purpose in their lives. 

Having moved homes and countries several times throughout my life, and now based in Austria in the heart of Europe, I have successfully built businesses and institutes internationally, specialised in developing personal and professional excellence in others. 

In recent years, in order to make my expertise and expertise available to the general population I have focussed on creating self-help online courses, as well as personally mentoring purpose-driven leaders to serve more authentically and powerfully, and leveraging more on their own health and wellbeing. Private clients range from passionate parents and small business owners to TED Talk speakers and senior diplomats and staff in not-for-profit international organisations such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

I live a balanced, hustle-free life with my wife and young boys in the Vienna Woods, quietly but intentionally creating positive ripples throughout the world. 


This is a limited offer as it includes a private 1:1 session with Dr. Matt.

Only so many spaces can be allocated.

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