Feeling rudderless and lacking purpose in projects that once excited you?  

Often feel stressed, overwhelmed and irritated

Had multiple burnouts in your life? Is it possible that you never fully recovered from your first?? 

Hi. I'm Dr. Matt Shorrock, and I see you!!

After experiencing a breaking point in my own long and successful career as a psychologist, psychotherapist and entrepreneur I became a leadership and mindset coach to support other ambitious individuals to reclaim balance and purpose in their lives. 

In recent years, I have specialised in creating online self-help courses, as well as personally mentoring purpose-driven leaders to serve more authentically and powerfully, and leveraging more on their own health and wellbeing. Private clients range from solopreneurs and TED Talk speakers, to senior diplomats and staff in not-for-profit international organisations such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

I live a balanced, hustle-free life with my wife and young boys in the Vienna Woods, quietly but intentionally creating positive ripples throughout the world. 

Value packed!

Breathwork & Breathers is the foundational stage in Dr. Matt's evidence-based burnout recovery process (The BALANCE ™). The focus is on highly effective breathwork strategies, for all manner of challenging circumstances, coupled with a strategic approach to quality downtime, from cheeky little breaks to year long sabbaticals. 

This complete-at your-own-pace course includes a rich bounty of tools and resources, carefully designed and selected to help you deepen insight, heighten awareness and restore balance in your life:

  • psycho-educational lessons,
  • motivational videos,
  • structured psychological questionnaires
  • Burnout Screening Test ™ (a psychometric assessment of current burnout risk and predisposition)

It also contains essential guidance and strategies for hard-workers and high-achievers (from business owners and leaders, to parents, teachers and healers!), a group that is particular prone to burnout, stress, and overwhelm.

"... had a huge impact on my work. I highly recommend
Dr. Matt's trainings".

Rawia Liverpool,

Behavioural Change Coach, 

United Kingdom

"Any company or person that has the opportunity to work with him... they should grab the opportunity with both hands!"

Martyn Harrison

Head of Sustainability Planning CBRE, Singapore

"I've learned so much from Dr. Shorrock... he is a highly skilled mental health professional, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced... a valuable mentor."

Dr Natalie Loumba

University of Cyprus

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The Balance System

Breathwork and Breathers ™ is an online course created to support the essential first step to burnout recovery and prevention, based on leading psychologist Dr. Matt Shorrock's evidence-based The Balance System.

Also known as The BALANCE ™, it was first presented in the highly acclaimed psychological handbook for overcoming stress, overwhelm and burnout, The Balanced Entrepreneur.

Dr. Matt shares his vast professional and personal experiences with burnout recovery, presenting this authoritative, practical handbook (185 pages). It was primarily written for ambitious high-achievers who have plateaued or lost their way, and looking to restore peak performance.

However, 'The BALANCE' model is just as applicable to anybody experiencing stress, overwhelm and burnout symptoms, looking to restore vision, vigour and vitality in their lives (from business owners and leaders, to parents, teachers and healers!).

A rich bounty of scientifically backed strategies, ancient wisdom, practical advice, and psychological tests that will leave you in a much better place!